Our Deliberate Approach To Design Functionality Has Been Vindicated By The Sands Of Time.

Grienberg is a play on words on Grünberg or Gruenberg which means "Green Mountain" German but main actually because the name was available on social platforms. We found out about the meaning later..lol.

Grienberg is a small company in the business of Innovating the future of African Business through Design, Critical thinking and Technology. We are taking African Business to new frontiers and very interested in the development and modernisation of the African Informal sector. At Grienberg, we see the African Business climate as a worthy challenge hence the pursuit of innovation of innovation to tackle the problems in the African Business Community be it on an Enteprise scale or in the Informal Sector with Technology, Design and Critical Thinking .

Our Solutions

Made Of Grienberg.

Grienberg has for years been delivering the best of world class design locally and internationally . We deliver absolute masterclass distilled with impeccable dexterity on every project. No compomises! We love a good challenge and take on projects ranging from Web Design, App Design to Print Design. Our works speak volumes of our craftsmanship and our delibrate approach towards functional design has been justified by the sands of time.

Conte Shops

Contè Shops is our answer to the question of affordable mobile shops for the informal sector & SMEs in Nigeria and ultimately Africa . Contè Shops are low-cost durable shops which can be modelled to suit the business owners needs at any given time. They are made from 95% recycled and recyclable materials and are build to withstand the tough African weather .


Business registeration, business account opening and finance managment, Merchandising, Branding , Merchandising, Online Presence, PR, SEO, Advertising and Brand placement are only a few of solutions Merch offers to take care in one swoop! Subscribe to any of our affordable bouquet and leave the rest to us.

Our Tribe

We Are Thinkers, Innovators, Jollof rice fundamentalists & much more. We are a team of designers and developers who believe in tackling African problems with African tailored tech.  We work with a detailed research process and work with the best consultants to deliver absolute brilliance.