Contè Shops is our answer to the question of affordable mobile shops for the informal sector & SMEs in Nigeria and Africa at Large .

Built for Africa

Conte Shops are built for the rugged terrains and are custom built to client taste for easily adaptability and to reflect the business model . Conte Shops are also built to scale meaning no matter how large the business gets, the Conte can be modified to fit to current demand of the scale of the business at the immediate time.

Affordable and Mobile

Conte shops being an innovation out of the need of the informal sector for affordable shop models is very affordable and to further subsidize the solution we have various installmental payment plans.

Due to changes frequent with location of businesses in the informal sector due to government city planning laws and recurrent market demolitions the Conte Shops are built to be very mobile in a way that it can be moved easily from location to location seamlessly .

Easily Customizable

The Conte Shops are easily customizable and modified because of their minimalist and detailed structure of the design.

Beautiful Inside & Out

The Conte Shops are a upgrade of the usual market stall as their aesthetics are detailed and minimalist in a way that create space for your aesthetical brilliance.

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